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Immer und überall mit der DKB bezahlen. Eröffnen Sie jetzt ein PayPal-Konto und bezahlen Sie nur noch mit Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse und Ihrem Passwort. Behalten. PayPal ist ein internationaler Zahlungsdienstanbieter, über den sowohl Privatkunden als auch Unternehmen sicher, bequem und schnell Onlinezahlungen. Eröffnen Sie jetzt direkt im Internet-Banking ein PayPal-Konto und verknüpfen es zeitgleich. mehr Infos. DKB AG. Mai – Alles auf einen Blick: Ab sofort können Kunden der Deutschen Kreditbank AG (DKB) ihre PayPal-Umsätze in ihrem Internet-Banking. Gelöst: Hallo zusammen, hat es schon mal Jemand geschafft ein DKB Online Giro Konto in PayPal zu intergrieren? Gruß DKBWaldi.

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Kunden der Deutschen Kreditbank AG (DKB) können ab sofort ihre PayPal-​Umsätze im Internet-Banking einsehen. Immer und überall mit der DKB bezahlen. Eröffnen Sie jetzt ein PayPal-Konto und bezahlen Sie nur noch mit Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse und Ihrem Passwort. Behalten. PayPal ist ein internationaler Zahlungsdienstanbieter, über den sowohl Privatkunden als auch Unternehmen sicher, bequem und schnell Onlinezahlungen. › stories › dkb-und-paypal-starten-kooperation. Kunden der Deutschen Kreditbank AG (DKB) können ab sofort ihre PayPal-​Umsätze im Internet-Banking einsehen. Du hinterlegst bei PayPal Deine DKB-Visa Karte als Kreditkartenverbindung. Damit wird bezahlt. Das Geld wird Deinem DKB-Kreditkartenkonto belastet. Das Kreditinstitut DKB und der Onlinebezahldienst PayPal arbeiten nun zusammen. Kunden der DKB können ihre PayPal-Umsätze über ihre. Die Deutsche Kreditbank bietet als erstes Geldinstitut in Deutschland die Möglichkeit, PayPal-Konten in das Onlinebanking zu integrieren. Dkb Paypal Onlinezahlungen schnell und einfach mit PayPal akzeptieren. Immer mehr Banken erhöhen die Gebühren fürs Girokonto oder führen Negativzinsen ein. So erstellen Sie einen personalisierten Bezahllink Onlinezahlungen schnell und einfach mit PayPal akzeptieren. Bargeldlos im Facebook Messenger ein Tagesticket kaufen. Teil 3: Bezahllink erstellen. Is it OK if we also use cookies to show you personalized ads? Wir zeigen warum es click lohnt. Was Just click for source jetzt tun müssen, damit Ihr Girokonto kostenlos bleibt. Teil 2: E-Mail-Rechnung verschicken.

BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN REMMELSOHL FINDEN Du mГchtest zum Beispiel Check this out tatsГchlich eine Dkb Paypal Deutsche Spielbank Kunden, wenn Sie sich im.

Dkb Paypal Visit web page Gäste können beim Auschecken per E-Mail bezahlen. Gebührenfrei ohne Wenn und Aber: Hier ist das Girokonto noch für jeden kostenlos Oft ist das Girokonto nur noch unter bestimmten Bedingungen kostenlos. Onlinezahlungen schnell und einfach mit PayPal akzeptieren. Wir zeigen warum es sich lohnt.
BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN OBER-SANKT-VEIT FINDEN Seine Gäste Sans Topu beim Auschecken per E-Mail bezahlen. Welche das sind go here bei welchen Banken das Konto noch für alle Kunden gratis ist. Dies setze man nun gemeinsam mit der DKB um. Servicehinweis: Für Kunden ist unser Service kostenlos. Teil 2: E-Mail-Rechnung verschicken. International liegt bei Verbrauchern das Shoppen via Smartphone im Trend — doch Unternehmen müssen nachziehen.
Beste Spielothek in Obereichenrot finden Nachstehend haben wir für Sie einige Hinweise zusammengestellt, die Sie beachten sollten, wenn Sie im Internet bezahlen. Teil 1: Geschäftskonto eröffnen. Go here finanzieren uns über Vermittlungsprovisionen. PayPal hilft, sich von der Konkurrenz als Trendsetter abzuheben und zu positionieren. Wenn Sie dem zustimmen, vergleichen Sie einfach weiter. Teil 3: Bezahllink erstellen. Read more Gäste können beim Auschecken per E-Mail bezahlen.
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Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links click July Articles more info permanently dead external links Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references. July 8, at pm. Currently, legitimization is only possible via the Post post Roulette Begriffe Dkb Paypal Germany. If check this out then I would assume that I would need to set up an account with a different German bank and later transfer the funds to DXB electronically to get an account. Lynx GebГјhren 28, at pm. Currently, the bank is reserved about opening accounts for people living outside Germany — unless they are German citizens. Furthermore, many people use the DKB account to receive their salary. I live in the US but will be working for a European company and paid in Euros. Dkb Paypal

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Gebührenfrei ohne Wenn und In Bladenhorst finden Beste Spielothek Hier ist das Girokonto noch für jeden kostenlos Oft ist das Girokonto nur noch unter bestimmten Bedingungen kostenlos. Immer mehr Banken erhöhen die Gebühren fürs Girokonto oder führen Negativzinsen ein. Onlinezahlungen schnell und einfach mit PayPal akzeptieren. Dkb Paypal schützen Sie sich bei Onlinezahlungen vor Betrug Nachstehend haben wir für Sie einige Hinweise zusammengestellt, die Sie beachten sollten, wenn Sie im Internet bezahlen. PayPal hilft, sich von der Konkurrenz als Trendsetter abzuheben und zu positionieren. Learn more and manage your cookies Yes, Accept Cookies. Was Sie jetzt tun müssen, damit Ihr Girokonto kostenlos bleibt. Wir zeigen warum es sich lohnt. Dabei gibt es noch kostenlose Konten und ein Kontoumzug dauert nur wenige Minuten. Learn more and manage your cookies. Nachstehend haben wir für Sie einige Hinweise zusammengestellt, die Sie beachten sollten, wenn Sie im Internet bezahlen. April jährt sich der Tag der Erde zum Wir finanzieren uns Dkb Paypal Vermittlungsprovisionen. Klingt wie Zukunftsmusik, ist in Berlin aber längst Realität. Weltweit gibt es nach Angaben des Zahlungsdienstleisters rund Millionen aktive Konten in Ländern und 26 Währungen. Teil 3: Bezahllink erstellen. Welche das sind und bei welchen Banken das Konto noch für alle Kunden gratis ist. Bargeldlos im Facebook Messenger ein Tagesticket kaufen. Ein Ex-Geschäftsführer macht eine Pension in den Just click for source auf.

One can say that we have become real DKB-experts. Take advantage of our experiences for your ideas. Post your question as a comment here.

We would be pleased to help you. Good day I am a South African citizen. Is it possible for me to open an account with your bank?

Currently, the bank is reserved about opening accounts for people living outside Germany — unless they are German citizens.

However, the bank is preparing a new procedure for confirming the identity of new customers.

We hope that applications for accounts will be accepted easily again as soon as the procedure is ready.

Hi Tanja If my identity can be confirmed by a German citizen, would this be acceptable? Regards Chris.

The identity check is required by law. There has to be a reliable procedure. In general, the identity confirmation is accepted for South Africans if it is conducted by a notary.

DKB also accepts confirmations by lawyers and other banks. The important question is: why should DKB open an account for you?

The account is free-of-charge for customers, so the bank bears all the costs including those for cash withdrawals from ATMs all over the world.

So the bank needs to profit from the account in some other way. It could do so if you deposited money and used the account for savings or if you used the Visa Card regularly to buy things the bank profits from fees that the merchant pays.

Furthermore, opening accounts abroad implies much higher costs for the bank. DKB is therefore reserved about opening accounts for foreigners with residence outside Germany now — at least until the introduction of the new system to confirm the identities of customers.

That is a good idea. Good evening Tania , just one simple question , is it possible after opening the DKB-Cash: Weltweit bezahlen und kostenfrei Geld abheben to order a checkbook or to open a linked account that could come with a check book?

You are doing a good job , keep on…. You can order them via e-mail or phone. Specify how many checks you need, for example 5, 12 or 34 checks.

They will be mailed to you for free. Simply by bank transfer. Furthermore, many people use the DKB account to receive their salary. Normally, one deposits money by transfers, as it is an account at a direct bank without branch offices.

However, there are some deposit machines. I wonder if you can clarify a few things:. Does that mean that I just add cash as if it is a savings account and hide the card on myself to avoid spending my hard earned savings?

Unfortunately, I attempted to open this account as U. Citizen, was rejected despite a decent salary input. Are the any alternatives?

Prepaid cards and savings are easier to get as a checking with a line of credit. You know what I mean … do you have a postal address in Germany?

Currently, a new provider is starting. You could open an account there and state the address of your friend. However, your name has to be on the letter box in order to receive the MasterCard.

The MasterCard will be the only mail sent. Consecutively, your friend could forward the card to you. Principally, this would also work with the DKB, but a creditworthiness check will be performed and if you do not live in Germany — Austria — Switzerland, it will be difficult to gather enough points.

DKB is the best bank for many people. But is an account opening not possible, we can look for alternative …. Comdirect is similar like DKB.

I was almost able to get the Pay Center account fully open. However Deutsches Post is a big pain. Therefore, I conclude there is a zero chance than someone who is not a German resident to open a full German account.

Sadly, was informed Pay Center can not help and already paid the fees yet can not use the account. Please provide a real solution for people outside of Germany.

You know people are different. People work different. In our area we have very good experience with the post.

They accept also foreign passports, because it is necessary. We have so many foreign people in Germany, which need identification PostIdent for opening a bank account.

That trying is not a justice way, but a practice. Good luck! Yes, I agree…however, it is the German address and so I will need a way to prove this somehow…are there solutions that are acceptable?

I can retry in 6 months time which I was planning to, it seems the luck of who is working there at the time.

Perhaps, you know of a better location where a foriegn address is accepted rather than a German one. It is possible to open an account and deposit funds in cash?

I brought cash from US and need to deposit US dollars to an account by hand. Is this even possible?.. This is an especially challenging situation because I have US dollars that have to be converted at market rate without incurring fees.

If not then I would assume that I would need to set up an account with a different German bank and later transfer the funds to DXB electronically to get an account.

Thanks so much for your input. I need to get this all sorted all this week and want to have the best bank. I just need to understand if it possible given my situation.

The DKB is the best German direct bank for millions of bank customers. It is a bank that is interested in building a long-term customer relationship.

It is not the right bank to open an account fast in order to obtain proof of financing. We recommend you to visit a branch office of a local bank.

This has the advantage that you can open your account immediately. In addition, you can immediately deposit money too.

However, only very few German banks offer USD accounts. If you deposit US dollars, you must reckon with fees. Possibly, the staff members in a branch office of the Deutsche Bank will be able to help you best.

Good Luck! PS: There is an online account with immediate account opening and the legitimating can be made through PostIdent as well. Therefore, this German bank account would be ready for usage already on the same day.

The depositing could take place via a cash deposit and money transfer from a local bank fee between Euros However, we are not sure, if this is right thing for you.

Thank you very much for the useful feedback. I also think that it would be best to go to a local bank now. I am interested in keeping my account long term as I will be moving from Berlin to Austria in the fall after the course; so I was trying to avoid having to switch banks down the road.

German government requires a deposit of 8, euros for resident visa; which is no problem…except I have that in cash now US dollar which must be converted and deposited.

I understand that through this process I will have to reckon with fees, but hopefully they will be reasonable. I have read that cards are usually issued after 1 week and cash can be deposited by hand at any commerzbank location in person as they are related.

I understand the online site is in German, but that is not so much a problem. Do you think that commdirect bank could be a possibility?

Also, if it is a possibility: I know they issue cards by mail which is no problem; but I wonder if they can also issue them at related commerz branch location as easier option?

It is correct that one can deposit and withdraw cash in branch offices of the Commerzbank free of charge. This applies at least to Euros.

If you open a current account at this bank, it will be possible that the bank card and further mail will be sent to you abroad.

The challenge in the current account opening is the creditworthiness check. Thanks again for the information.

Your feedback was very helpful. I am currently in Germany so mailing the card abroad would not be an issue, but I am concerned about the creditworthiness check.

I will try to open an account and see what happens. Perfect and let us know about your results, please. So we can then develop better advices, thank you.

Should we apply for 2nd credit cards each for savings and what standing orders to the credit cards would you recommend. Ive read a few articles but im getting a bit confused now and a simple solid way of doing whats best would be fantastic.

We are a little confused on how to get the most from our DKB accounts and benefit more. Could you please tell us the best way.

I am from India and studying in Dortmund, and receive a monthly scholarship. And i speak fairly good Deutsch. This question is more difficult to answer for a bank that offers a free current account with a free VISA credit card — which also bears the fees for cash withdrawals — than for a conventional bank.

Being a DKB expert, I assume that the combination of a scholarship and a temporally limited stay in Germany resulted in the non-opening of the account.

The DKB probably did not see the slightest chance that the costs will be covered. This is a pity and I am personally sorry to hear that, because it is nice when young people, who temporarily live in Germany, are interested to get one of the best bank accounts and possibly keep this in the longer term.

I want to open an account at DKB. I work here in germany but I do not speak Deutsch. Is it possible to get English Internet Banking and all the information in English?

Thanks for your reply so no english speaking person can open account at DKB? I thought its quite international Bank.

Pay Center allows English, and can be opened immediately. I will caution as if you are not able to be identified within Germany via your passport and a German address, then you will only be able to make deposits but not full account functionality.

Hope this helps. I need a credit card so I am switching to DKB and therefore, i will make DKB my salary account but if I do not have internet banking, account management option in English, then it makes no sense.

However, you can email their support team in English and get a reply in English as well. If you can prove you have a German address address, then all you need is your passport, the form provided by paycenter, and your office address paper.

Take to Deutsches Post. I will see this pay center thing, thanks anyways! So what i understand its different bank from DKB.

Hello, I have just retired and live in England, but receive rental income from Germany where my family came from and pension payments from Italy and France.

So I would like a Euro account to store the Euros before I spend them using a card. Should I apply differently, or is your bank not interested in my business for the rest of my life?

Yes, that is right. You can try it at Comdirect. But remember: both banks are totally free … so they are cautious with account opening with people who it is difficult or expensive to check the creditworthiness.

I am sure that the market of online accounts will be change in the next month and years … in future it will be normal to open a bank account with debit card online from UK or other EU countries in Germany.

Hello, I am from Algeria and I want to open a bank account. I am a software engineer and I need this account for freelancing and also to apply for an internship in Germany.

Currently, we are working on finding alternatives, because we really would like to recommend a solution for you and other people with similar needs.

How well do you handle the German language? This is important to German banks as only the fewest offer their online banking in English language.

Too bad those border restrictions within the current EU. I live in Holland, only 15km from the German border, and being in Germany is part of both my work and my social life.

My German language skills are good. But if I understand correctly it is not possible for me to open a DKB konto. I myself am not satisfied with this situation and wish — I even expect that it will happen in the following 1 to 2 years — that the DKB will change its politics.

How would this influence my eligibility and ability to open a DKB account? Verification of identity would be a trivial affair.

Try the account opening. Maybe you get an experience or an experience a new free account with free visa card.

But probably some years later, I will have to go back to my country. Question is if I can receive the new credit card in my country when it is expired.

Moving abroad will not be a problem. The new bank cards will be sent to you free of charge! Thank you very much for the informative website.

I am an immigrant living and working in Germany. I am looking to switch my bank account to a direct bank as I need a credit card. I looked in the websites of these banks none of them are in English.

I am a bit hesitant to have an account in a bank which does not provide support in English. Could you please suggest me some direct bank which supports in English if not the website at least in the telephone in case of some problem.

Thank you for the informative post! What would be the best option? I thought I may just apply to a current account, then transfer money online from my Saudi bank account to a German bank account but it seems that the fees and exchange rate differ from one back to the other.

The DKB Visa credit probably does not fit optimally your requirements. The current account and MasterCard are both free of charge.

You can even withdraw cash free of charge around the globe. However, there is no interest on balance and as there is no credit line, consequently, there are no lending rates either.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any recommendations on money transfer, as our favourite provider, TransferWise does not involve SAR yet.

At a transfer to the N26 account, I would transfer in SAR, because the conversion is performed without charges or fees at the MasterCard rates.

Could one use this account to receive your monthly salary in? I am looking for a basic bank account to receive my salary as well as manage it online globally.

That is correct, it is a wonderful idea to use the DKB bank account as a salary account, because then you will automatically receive an overdraft limit in the amount twice as much as the monthly salary.

And this on the current account and credit card. The DKB Visa credit card can be implemented more extensively as a salary account than as the variant with only a small credit limit.

Hopefully some time soon it will. That would be ideal! That is correct, there are no fees on the part of N It is a start-up company and therefore, information of the supplier is often a little chaotic.

Thank you! How would one do so? What steps needs to be taken? I am looking for a bank account that one can do internet transactions with as well as save money at the same time With a interest rate.

For opening a DKB account there is no need for a invite code. You can start with the application immediately.

I am a foreigner going to work in Germany as a doctor. Could you please give me some advice? Good question! However, a broker account cannot be opened.

Furthermore, one should understand German, because the account application and online banking is only available in German language.

You must understand: a bank that offers a completely free current account with a free Visa credit card and worldwide free cash withdrawals must be careful, which customers it approves.

Despite the freedom of cost in important areas, it must be capable of earning money. Hi my wife is German and has a DKB credit card. How do I do it?

I have part of the property in Germany, but I am not living or working in Germany. In order to get some services and to pay for them I need German bank account.

What is the procedure? Can i do everything without going to Germany? Do i need to do any identification or anything else?

Can i do this online? I am from EU country. Should i write my address where i live or I should I insert the address of the property i own in Germany?

The DKB always wants to know your residential address. Please also note that the DKB does not open any bank accounts for foreigners, who live abroad anymore.

Gregor thanks for your replay. So let me better understand, i can open prepaid bank account the one in the link being as foreign by online form?

But still i need to declare residential address? Or it is enough to identify myself through Deutsche post? As i understand both i need to do being physically in Germany?

Please read the linked article with attention. You will find the answers to your questions there. We do not offer a personal consulting as almost no one really wants to pay for a professional consulting.

I am an Australian citizen living in Australia but currently on holiday in Germany. I am not registered at the German address.

You can try it, but I do not know, if it works… as the product developers built the account rather for another target group. I have arealdy tried to apply, but the online application system is refusing.

I am also student in Germany and i have apply for DKB credit card but the online application system refuse my application.

Do have any idea how much is the base value for application acceptance for University level students. As currently i am earning 1.

Also after getting acceptance from online application system, will they ask for salary statement for proof? The income is only part of the credit check.

Submit an application and see what happens. Would I need a special international account or just a basic one would do it?

Thank you very much. I mean I give them the money and they deposit in my online account. I have sent money to different countries but never to a online account, usually to a real bank.

Thank you. Thank you for the quick response. That should help a lot. For many years, this was possible with the DKB. Since summer of , such constellations of account openings do not work anymore.

I hope that this will be possible for the benefit of us internationally moving bank customers in the course of the European inland market and later perhaps also TIPP.

I live in the US but will be working for a European company and paid in Euros. I would like to open a bank account in the EU preferably Germany to deposit my salary.

I am not travelling to the EU soon and will be working from the US. Are there any banks where I could open an account without teavelling there personally?

DKB not, maybe Comdirect. I now have permanent residency and am trying to get more serious about my finances. I have never missed any payments in those 24 months, they were all on time.

My salary will be I have some questions though about banking though sorry for the long post : 1. Are the Visa card credit limit and the Dispo limit 2 different things, or are they the same thing?

For me, at a salary of If I am approved, how much do you think the limit s will be? Thank You so much! The Visa card credit limit refers to the credit limit on your Visa card, but the Dispo limit if you get one refers to a potential credit line on your banking account.

I am sorry, but the approval of a bank and any credit desicsions depend on several variables, so that I cannot give you an answer here.

If you have money deposited as in prepaid on your Visa card and you pay with this card, the payment is taken out of that deposit amount immediately.

When it comes to the Visa card credit line, then these amounts will be collected and taken out of your banking account once a month, around the Hi My name is Amin, i am a student here in Germany.

I was going through all the credit card sites so i found this one. I want to know that can i open an account in this bank and is there ant student offers from this bank.

No matter if student or not, the account and the Visa Card are free of charge anyway! I have three questions regarding the credit Card.

Will this be a problem in issuing the Card? How much credit limit will I get in the start? I have a fixed decent salary.

How long it takes to get the credit Card after applying? The DKB is a bank that due to its very good offer is very particular about their credit assessment.

Usually the starting credit limit ranges between to 1. More is possible, too — pls. After your account application and the legitimization process is done, it takes about 2 weeks until you can use your card.

You will receive several letters that contain your cards, the PINs and your access information for online banking.

In which my visa application might require a blocked account of euros with a 50 euros fee! Also to deposit money in my account, is it possible if I transfer the money abroad in foreign currency that is Thai Baht to my account?

Any fees that I have to pay for the transfer aside from the bank exchange rate? My income will be from my family and the money will be in Thai Baht.

So would my option for Comdirect be a safer choice? Neither DKB nor Comdirect open blocked accounts.

Please contact the bank that has been recommended during the application process for the Visa. In most cases, that is the Deutsche Bank.

The fee of 50 Euro is already subsidized, because an account opening, its closure later and the use for a few months are significantly more expensive.

You can transfer money from many countries inexpensively via TransferWise. Regrettably, Thailand is currently not connected to that network yet, but that will change in the future.

Good luck in Germany! How can I open a bank account online? I want to transfer money from my current job into that bank account before I arrive to Germany.

I basically need to open a german bank account before I get to Germany. Can I do this in DKB? If not, could you please lead me to a bank that would?

Thanks a lot of the reply Gregor. You can try it, when you are in Germany. DKB has become more hesitant though with potential customers who are only in Germany for a short time.

Often, people would use the accounts only for the free-of-charge withdrawal of cash which means DKB had to cover the costs , without doing much else with the accounts.

After leaving Germany, they would either cancel the account or leave it without message. For a bank that does not charge any account administration fees not for the Visa Card, either , it is not easy to work with such customers on an economic level.

DKB is the best recommendation for people who are willing to have their salary transferred there and really use the account, maybe even have a savings or custodial account there or maybe later use the bank for financing.

For people who are only in Germany for a short time we recommend opening an account with a provider who charges a fee for the account.

In exchange you get an account immediately and do not need to be bothered regarding the credit check which is customary in Germany if you want to open a free-of-charge Giro account or a potential negatory decision.

I have a DKB account. I am going to London this weekend. What is the best way to get money there with my cards?

Or will I have to pay due to the conversion from euros to pounds? The giro card is useless abroad, correct?

Until the removal of foreign transaction fees Auslandseinsatzentgelt it is the most inexpensive to withdraw cash from the ATM and pay in cash.

DKB does not claim a fee for that. Have a look at our article Withdrawing Money in Hungary. Thank you for your quick answer. So this way I will try to get money only at banks ATM machines.

I was just hoping I could also pay with my card without fees and to avoid to have many pounds with me. Thank you once again.

I got a DKB account some months ago and your website has been very helpful. What is the best way to transfer? Thanks Paul. Thank you for your reply, I did go into Transferwiese website, it has no option to transfer euro to euro.

Hi there Can I as an Australian citizen German speaking open an account on line. If not possible can you give me other options.

I do have relatives in Bayern. The only possibility you have with DKB is to try to open up a joint account. As first account owner, the person from Germany should be registered.

Please bear in mind that each of you individually will be authorized to dispose of the account. Also, a relative could open a single account and then name you as authorized person.

This would be even easier, though not quite right, because like that it would not be your account! In the volume of the shares on the market amounted to 10 billion Euro.

Further products and services on offer are private real estate financing, brokerage , installment credits and saving products.

The DKBs focus is on the digitalization of banking. Since the bank works on this goal together with respective service companies and FinTechs such as Berlin based FinReach for account changing services, Cringle for P2P-transactions via smartphone-app and WebID Solutions for the video-identification-procedure.

The technology underlying the DKB-banking-app, with which customers can photograph and pay bills was designed by the company Gini.

Since DKB puts together consolidated financial statements. Since the International Financial Reporting Standards are applied in the banks billing process.

The board of directors is currently made up of 16 shareholders and employee representatives: [20]. Persons who, in the past, had a mandate in the bank: [21].

The foundation runs heritage-protected sites such as Schloss Liebenberg. FFC Turbine Potsdam women football club.

In the bank bought the exclusive live broadcasting rights of the World Men's Handball Championship for Germany after various negotiations of internet provider and TV-channels with the rights owner beIN Media Group failed.

The championship matches of the Germany national handball team were broadcast live via internet. It was the first time in Germany that a major sports event was broadcast by a single sponsor.

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Credit cards Loans Savings Trading Insurance. Retrieved 16 December Juli " PDF. Deutscher Bundestag. Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 28 December Deutsche Kreditbank Grund GmbH.

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